Becoming Active

Over the past few years, I have spoke with many inactive people who have admitted that they have a hard time becoming active. The majority of these people say it’s because they aren’t sure where to begin. In my mind you have to start somewhere. I thought it would be helpful to put together a few tips for anyone interested in becoming more active. This advice is mainly geared towards people who are interested in becoming runners, however it can be applied to many other means of physical activity.


Start slow. When starting something new, like running, it’s important to start off slow. If you haven’t run in a long time, don’t push yourself too hard to begin with. It’s easy to strain muscles or hurt yourself if you aren’t careful. I would suggest starting with short, light jogs and gradually add time or speed from there.


Set goals. This will keep you motivated and give you something to work towards. That being said; make your goal achievable and realistic. A goal can include completing a certain length of run, taking part in a certain running event, or even completing a certain run in a certain amount of time.


Be creative. When you are creative, your runs can be made more enjoyable. This may mean finding a running buddy (possibly somebody who has the same goals as you), planning out new running route or integrating body workouts into your runs. Try stopping at the park to do sit ups, push ups, lunges, or sprints before or after your run.


Stretch and hydrate. It is important to stretch and rehydrate with water after any length of exercise. By stretching you avoid injury and lower the chances you will be stiff and sore the following day. Make sure you drink lots of water after your run as your body can loose large amounts of fluid while you’re running and cause you to become dehydrated.


All of these factors will help get you on a straight path to becoming more active. A 20-minute run is better than no run. If you are a busy person, 20-minute run might be all you can fit into your busy life. Make this 20-minute run a good one as even small amounts of exercise contribute to building a healthier lifestyle. 

Born to be a runner

A runner is what describes me best. Running has been a huge part of my life since I can remember. It started off with playing community league soccer where I developed a huge passion not only for the game, but also for the time I spent training. Every week, I would spend hours at soccer practice as well as at soccer games. In Elementary school I joined the Track and Field team. The two events I primarily took part in were long distance and sprints. After my high school graduation, I quit soccer and track. I found myself spending much more time running at the track, along boardwalks, through trails and on treadmills.

Today, I run anywhere and everywhere. One thing I have discovered is that running has a huge effect on my every day life. I look forward to my daily run, as it is usually the only time out of the whole day that I have to myself. Whether I’m having a good or bad day, running can make my day even better. Running has also become a way for me to deal with day-to-day emotions such as stress. Only a real runner would understand how stress-relieving running actually is.

Over the last couple years I have taken part in various running events including the Lulu lemon Sea Wheeze, the Vancouver Sun Run, BMO Okanogan Marathon, Scotiabank Half Marathon and the Adidas International Vancouver Marathon. These running events have made great goals. They have also been good ways for me to keep motivation and determination. The feeling I get after completing a run is unbelievable. It makes me want to immediately start training for the next event. Over the next few years I hope to continue to regularly participate in these annual events. I encourage everyone to begin following a regular running schedule and experience what it feels like to be a true runner.

Hello Fellow Bloggers


Hello Fellow Bloggers!

As I am new to the blog-iverse, prior to submitting my first blog I would like to take a moment to introduce myself to you. My name is Michelle. I am proud to be a born and raised Canadian from beautiful British Columbia.

I graduated from high school with a bilingual diploma in French. After my high school graduation it took me a while to figure out what exactly I wanted to do with my life. During that time I worked at a gym, travelled through Europe and studied General Sciences at a local college. Recently, I discovered Respiratory Therapy and decided that I was very interested in pursuing it as a career. I am currently in my first year of the Respiratory Therapy program.

During my spare time I enjoy being outdoors, travelling and spending time with friends and family. I also am very passionate about running. In my blog posts you’ll read about running and more specifically, my experiences as a runner.


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